Searching for Meaning

We all want some sense of meaning in our lives – and it can come from different places. This is my journey in searching for meaning through work, family, hobbies and spirituality.

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Playing in Sandboxes: The Critical Bridge from Idea to Success

We’re all terrible at things, until we’re not so bad any more. We’re all scared to try things, until we have some experience to help us build confidence. This is just the natural progression of learning, regardless of what aspect of your life. It could be math. It...

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Skip Finding a Passion, Find Work That Boosts Your Energy

It seems like a paradox. That doing work, could in-fact give you more energy. But this is the answer to why some people can be so productive. Let's consider introverted people, those who expel energy the longer they are interacting with others, and extroverted people,...

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Book Review: How to Write Copy That Sells – Ray Edwards

Let me just say that this is one of the best books I think any small or large business owner or marketer can buy - with one caveat. You need to be selling a specific product, for a specific problem. If you have an online jewelry store, or a marketplace of sporting...

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Are You Busy or Productive?

I understand you have lots to do. Your days always fill up with tasks. But have you ever thought, if you didn’t go to work today, would it really slow down your projects that much? If not, you’ve got a problem. It’s so easy to “keep busy”. We have things we do out of...

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Why Your Attitude About Work Sucks

Why do you go to work? Money right? But why do you do the work at work? I believe there are 3 main mindsets that drive why people work the way they do. Just to make things clear, it is not your “right” to be successful just because you’ve been working for a number of...

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14 Quick Tips To Create Attention Grabbing Headlines

  1. Use Numbers It may seem obvious given the title of this post, but numbers have been a great standard in grabbing people’s attention for a long time. 3 tips, 5 step guide, nutrition 101, they all help to bring people in. 2. Be Descriptive What exactly are they...

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About Me

Just try to stop me. Sure life’s a bit of a struggle. I went through not knowing what to do, to following my passion for music, attending music school, studying music marketing, to marketing for businesses, to nonprofit marketing and entrepreneurship – all in my search for meaning.

Oh and throughout that, starting a family. We get one life, a short life, and I’ve decided I’m going to live it to the fullest. Sure fear gets in the way, but the real journey is all about pushing past your fears to better yourself and others. So that’s what I’m here to do, learn new things, grow, find meaning in everything I do, and share that journey with others.

  • Time Spent Procrastinating 30%
  • Time Spent Worrying 60%
  • Time Spent Actually Working 10%
  • Time Spent Enjoying the Journey 50%
  • Time Spent Thinking About Time 70%

Methodic Content – Nonprofit Content Marketing

Through my agency and consultancy, Methodic Content, I provide nonprofits with training and creative services to elevate their marketing. Nonprofit’s are far behind the current trends of creating content online and building community, and their attention is lost in a sea of for-profit businesses who have been doing it for years. My vision is to change that – and bring attention to those looking to better our world.



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I would like nothing more than to sit on the beach in silence. But if you must, i’m sure a witty comment from a new friend wouldn’t be so bad either. Just make it quick, I’m clearly busy searching for something.

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