Searching for Meaning

We all want some sense of meaning in our lives – and it can come from different places. This is my journey in searching for meaning through work, family, hobbies and spirituality.

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Chiropractors Must Start Marketing Or Quit

Being a successful chiropractor is not a right you have just because you’re qualified. The competitive landscape has transformed the practice into a place where real business and marketing principles need to be used in order to flourish, and those who don’t embrace it...

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How To Stop Wasting Your Motivation

The big question came to me the other day when driving in the car. I began to feel my blood pumping a little bit harder. I was getting fidgety… and giddy even. I had listened to something so inspirational that I wanted to stop my car on the side of the road, and start...

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What is a Podcast? And should wellness practitioners care?

Podcasts are one of those things that have kept me sane on the long, 1 to 1.5 hours, sitting in the stuffy car, stuck behind the bumpers of other commuters on the way to work. This is why podcasts are really near and dear to my heart. Even though I have yet to start...

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4 Tips To Make Powerful Promotional Flyers For Your Workshops

You might think flyers are outdated, but don’t underestimate the power of posting something on a physical community pin board. It may not be a TV ad, but for the cost (FREE other than printing) it makes sense to give it a shot. Places that have these are often...

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About Me

Just try to stop me. Sure life’s a bit of a struggle. I went through not knowing what to do, to following my passion for music, attending music school, studying music marketing, to marketing for businesses, to nonprofit marketing and entrepreneurship – all in my search for meaning.

Oh and throughout that, starting a family. We get one life, a short life, and I’ve decided I’m going to live it to the fullest. Sure fear gets in the way, but the real journey is all about pushing past your fears to better yourself and others. So that’s what I’m here to do, learn new things, grow, find meaning in everything I do, and share that journey with others.

  • Time Spent Procrastinating 30%
  • Time Spent Worrying 60%
  • Time Spent Actually Working 10%
  • Time Spent Enjoying the Journey 50%
  • Time Spent Thinking About Time 70%

Methodic Content – Nonprofit Content Marketing

Through my agency and consultancy, Methodic Content, I provide nonprofits with training and creative services to elevate their marketing. Nonprofit’s are far behind the current trends of creating content online and building community, and their attention is lost in a sea of for-profit businesses who have been doing it for years. My vision is to change that – and bring attention to those looking to better our world.



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I would like nothing more than to sit on the beach in silence. But if you must, i’m sure a witty comment from a new friend wouldn’t be so bad either. Just make it quick, I’m clearly busy searching for something.

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