What I Learned Today 001: Starting

by | Jun 27, 2013 | Personal Development

Today I realized the importance of starting something instead of trying to perfect it in your head first. Ive heard this countless times, but haven’t thought about how much I’ve resisted it. Every time I come up with an idea for starting a blog my head runs in circles of what I should call it, would people care to read it, does it pick a specific enough topic, and I decided I don’t care. This is what I’m starting, this is where it’s going to sit, and we’ll see what it turns into.

For now, I’m going to write about what I learned today. My passion for learning has been growing exponentially the past little while and I want to share that enthusiasm with others. I’ve been curious about business, marketing, psychology, behaviour, and personal development for a while and have been doing what I like to call ‘Free Association Learning’. Which I classify as reading and researching a specific topic you’re passionate about until it triggers another connected path you want to learn about. I find it a fantastic way to explore a broader topic, business for example, and finding your passions within that area.

Let’s see what I learn tomorrow

– Joel

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