What I Learned Today 002: Someone else is doing it already

by | Jun 27, 2013 | Entrepreneurship

While reading a couple older blog posts from Seth Godin today something clicked more real than it had before.

He often talks about being remarkable and that’s your way to grow your business or tribe. But looking right down to the definition of remarkable, which is something people talk about, really sets your product/service ahead of competition. This is regardless of how your product compares. It could be exactly the same, but if it’s the one being talked about you win.

This connected to blogging for me and the struggle to find a niche that’s new and not occupied. But really it doesn’t matter. If you start one that’s being talked about it could be the same idea as a hundred other people and you still win.

The reality of this will start to slightly change my view next time I have an idea of a business to start. “Someone else is doing it already” isn’t a good enough excuse to not step into that challenge.

– Joel

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