What I Learned Today 008: How To Make Your Boss The Genius

by | Jul 4, 2013 | Personal Development

So I sat down at the meeting, my eyes keen to watch and my ears open. A perspiring glass of cold water sat in my hand that sent shivers up my arm, or maybe that was the nerves because I also brought my own suggestions. It’s hard to predict how the boss is going to react when you suggest something new or a change. But without fail, he loved the idea and wanted to take it further.

How? Because it was his idea.

I actually didn’t do it intentionally, but I think I will try next time.

Instead of just blurting out my suggestion, I started with the back story of why and how I came to my conclusions. After displaying all the pieces of my idea the boss quickly grasped what I was talking about and suggested, yup that’s right, what I was going to suggest, and continued to elaborate even further than I had.

This has to be the best way I’ve ever seen to implement new ideas and get your boss excited about it. If it comes from his brain making the connections instead of him listening to your explanation it is much more inspiring. He will take pride in the idea, but still recognize your contribution and maybe get you to be in charge of the new project or what have you.

This of course requires YOU to put a bit of your ego on hold, don’t even mention anything about “that’s what I was getting to”. Embrace that it’s now their idea and you’re here to help with whatever you can.

If you truly believe your idea needs to be adopted or utilized this trick can help you get it there, make your boss happy, and grow the business.

– Joel

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