Doing Things Worth Talking About

by | Jan 25, 2020 | Marketing

The best way to fill out your social media channel with content, is to do things worth talking about.

But it’s not just social media, the best way to get referrals, build word-of-mouth anywhere, is to do things worth talking about.

This doesn’t mean you have to reinvent your product every 2 months to keep it fresh, but it does mean you have to look for ways to engage and be in the world. If you do this, social media comes naturally.

Take a look at any celebrity profile, chances are they’re shooting something, attending a party, picking out new clothes, creating a partnership. The next generation of wanna-be social media influencers have even picked up on this, and they will plan their weekend or their vacation around pictures or videos they want to take.

The same approach is applicable to business. The most interesting content shares something a business did. When Red Bull (an energy drink company) put someone in a balloon to skydive from nearly outer space, they didn’t talk about how great their drink was, they just DID something. It likely would have been talked about and spread regardless if social media existed or not.

With social enterprises we can engage the world in a lot of different ways, but you can start by hosting an event, and taking pictures. You can start a podcast, and share opinions and ideas and have conversations. You can do a study, go on an adventure, create a partnership. Or better yet, if it works with your product, showcase someone else going on an adventure.

Gone are the days when you can just do marketing to “appear interesting” – people will see through it. You must now actually be interesting.

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