Balancing Business, Parenting, and Impact: Mona Tavassoli – Episode 014

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Podcast

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I connected to today’s episode quite significantly because, as many of you know, I have 2 little girls. So I’m not exactly the mompreneur that this episode is about, I get it. I’m thrilled to talk with Mona Tavassoli of Mompreneurs Worldwide in this episode about everything from starting a business as a mom, managing your energy, culture and starting a business around the world, and how she’s teaching other mom’s how to excel at business.

In this conversation, we dive into her work to empower women, and with her new foundation, to empower women refugees through educating them on entrepreneurship.

About Mona Tavassoli and Mompreneurs Worldwide

Mona Tavassoli is The CEO and founder of Mompreneurs Worldwide, a global platform founded on the vision that “Empowered Mothers Raise Empowered Leaders”, and therefore champions women’s empowerment through entrepreneurial education and mompreneurship to help members to find harmony and success in their personal and professional lives. Mona is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, host of the “You Can Have it All” podcast, and mother of 2. 

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Mompreneurs Worldwide provides 3 key areas of support to mompreneurs across the globe. These include: 1) Education through digital courses in The Mompreneur Academy and a monthly Membership: The Mompreneurs Tribe. 2) Community through our membership and events. 3) Promotion through a directory and social network.

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Everything We Talked About in This Episode

[02:22] What Mompreneurs Worldwide does and where it started

[05:07] What kind of female role models did you have growing up?

[05:54] How was the acceptance of becoming an entrepreneur among friends and family?

[07:48] How Mona’s second business, Mom Souq leveraged media around women empowerment to drove exposure

[11:19] Did the impact piece start before the business, or did you create a business and realize its potential for impact?

[11:57] Reference to Mona’s Tedx Talk, The Illusions Created by Stereotyping

[14:30] Mona’s trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

[15:59] What does ‘You Can Have it All’ mean? Name of Mona’s podcast

[17:26] Bill Gates Quote: We overestimate what we can do in a year, but underestimate what we can do in 10 years

[20:13] What were some of the hardest parts of balancing kids with a new business?

[23:46] How do you separate work mode and family mode so you’re not distracted all the time around family?

[24:19] Mona’s free course on managing energy:

[29:38] One of the best ways to balance being and doing is through entrepreneurship

[30:40] How do you talk to your mompreneurs about social entrepreneurship and what they can do to give back?

[31:11] Mompreneurs Foundation – helping women refugees by teaching entrepreneurship

[31:57] Explanation of Ikigai – the reason for being

[33:43] Examples of mompreneurs that are inspiring the world

Ikigai diagram

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