Impact Marketing Services.

Want to Build Awareness for a Movement?

The work you do is for a good cause, but that doesn’t mean people will flock to it on their own, it takes strategic effort.

And marketing is more than just being on social media because you feel like you have to. It’s about consistently building relationships and using marketing to create an impact, instead of just driving quick sales.

Want to Build Your Social Enterprise Presence Online?

With 8+ years of professional experience as a marketer, social entrepreneur, podcaster, and content creator I’ve failed a lot and found what works. And I don’t want you to keep spinning your wheels either.

I will help you craft messaging, content, and creative assets that get noticed and build long-term relationships with your audience.

My Method.

Humans First

Forget the algorithms hacks. Our first focus is reaching humans with a clear message and story that resonates first. The Relationship Circle is my philosophy to help us strategize around those connections.

Build Thought Leadership

Yes, your business is designed to make positive change, but I work in the background to help you be a true leader. One that shares your knowledge and expertise publicly, has conversations about impact, and builds community.

Design a Process

We all have different skillsets and resources, and designing a marketing system that works within your limitations is what I’m best at. We’ll repurpose content so we can show up consistently without getting bogged down.

We will build an audience that will join your movement of social change.

Basic Packages.

1. Discovery Package

When you don’t even know where to get started. You’re scrambling on different platforms and it’s not working.

You’ll get a start-to-finish impact marketing plan, a completely customized approach to building a way forward that fits with your team and resources.

Starting at $1500

2. Launch Package

When you don’t have the technical ability or time to set it all up.

Typically includes:

  • e-Newsletter templates
  • Subscription forms
  • Social media graphic templates
  • Website modifications
  • Content calendar
  • Training, and more…

Starting at $2000


3. Monthly Consulting

When you need consistent feedback and guidance to market your social enterprise. 

Through bi-weekly calls we’ll discuss strategy, tactical steps, and consistently improve your plan to build impact with your marketing.

Starting at $400/mo.


Content Creation

Need someone in your back pocket that knows and cares about your impact that can help you create graphics, posts, articles, podcasts, or videos? Check this list of creative services you can request by the hour.

Article & Blog Writing

Email Newsletter Creation

Podcast Launch & Production

Video Editing

Graphic Design for Content

And the results are clear. The (Digital Nonprofit) conference sold out; our written voice was clear, funny, and inspirational; and the event producers were way less stressed. We loved working with Joel. He instantly understood our tone and voice. There’s no time-consuming back-and-forth. This is the first year we received multiple compliments on our reminder and survey emails… not the copy that usually gets people’s attention!

Eli van der Giessen

Community Manager, Netsquared

Get Started.

The world needs more of what you’re doing. Let’s get started together to build relationships, trust and customers for your social enterprise.

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