Finally Interested in Creating Digital Content?

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Blog

Remember that blog you started 10 years ago and only posted on twice? Or that “future plan” to start a podcast?

It’s interesting how so many ears have perked up in the last few weeks about this online world. Not just marketing, but of doing business digitally.

We couldn’t have known this virus was going to happen, but some people are definitely more prepared than others. I know social enterprises and nonprofits that were already in the process of digitizing what they do, but no one knew we would have to adopt it this fast.

I also know business owners that never thought they would even have to consider the online world. Now all of the sudden we’re all looking at the same thing.

Build Now Like It’s an Investment

Don’t think about this time as treading water. Going digital doesn’t have to be seen as just a cost or a hindrance. Think of it as investing in your business. Companies who’ve been doing digital marketing or digital products and services for years put the time in to create a business around it. Some have even created their entire businesses around a digital funnel of social advertising, free videos, podcasts, webinars, online courses.

Now you’re being forced into building a new business model, or a new marketing model digitally. You can be investing this time now into building something of value for the future, not just trying to get by.

This is the exact thing that entrepreneurs are built for, front-loading a business with value. Putting research and development into a product, production, and marketing for years before bringing it to market.

Now we’re all doing it again, only digitally. So think carefully, plan carefully, and you can use this time as an investment for the future instead of just trying to get by with a digital strategy. Because even if we go back to selling the previous way, why not have a new successful business model too?

It’s Not Temporary

The strategy that you’re forced to build because of this virus, digitally serving people and marketing to them is legit. It doesn’t have to be just a temporary strategy to get by until things “get back to normal”.

Because really, normal won’t ever be the same.

Yes many of you will go back to selling your physical service or product, the way we consume, connect, and work will be altered forever.

So if that’s the case, trying to wait it out and go back to normal later doesn’t seem very promising.

If you build for the future and succeed through a digital model, when things settle back into the new normal, you now have a blend of the old and the new.

As I see it, this is a perfect combination for longterm success.

So if you’re considering a quick jump into sending email marketing, a few videos, a blog post, and some social media, don’t just do it because you’re desperate.

Do it because you’re building a new type of business. And with that comes strategy and thoughtful implementation just like you’ve done with your business for years.

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