How to Create Impact Online with Leah Coss – Episode 020

by | May 27, 2021 | Podcast

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Moving from a corporate career to founding a nonprofit is not an easy feat. However, moving an in-person nonprofit or business solely online in a matter of months is even harder. Leah Coss is the co-founder of Build a Biz Kids and the founder of BBK Network, organizations teaching youth and kids hard and soft skills through entrepreneurship – and she did just that.

In this conversation, we talk about how they quickly adapted during the pandemic, and how it opened their eyes to the impact that’s possible through digital connections. But also the inherent issues with digital connections and constant Zoom calls. We talk about how to inspire your volunteers and employees, work remotely, and actually build connections online.

About Leah Coss

Leah Coss is on a mission to change the way we value & educate people in society. In order to prepare today’s kids for a future filled with Artificial Intelligence, Technology and ongoing Change, she has built platforms & education methodologies that promote the development of Essential Human Skill Development in children & youth. 

Leah’s Personal Website:

Find Leah on LinkedIn:

About Build a Biz Kids

Build a Biz Kids is a Non Profit Society that offers after school & summer camp programs for children and youth ages 7-13yrs that centers around entrepreneurship. From starting a business themselves to creating a business within a team, entrepreneurship teaches kids leadership, independence, increase their confidence and self esteem.


About BBK Network

The BBK Network is Practical and Entrepreneurial Education Online for Kids. 2 way interactive learning, real world projects. Prepare them for their future with all of the classes you wish you had as a kid. Available to students worldwide, we grow with brand partners to deliver the most cutting edge and practical education around for kids, ages 7-13 years.


Everything We Talked About in This Episode

[2:50] How did Leah Coss move from a corporate background to impact work

[7:25] What Build a Biz Kids and the BBK Network are all about

[12:27] How the pandemic forced them to move online and innovate in a big way – ultimately creating more opportunity

[17:05] The collaboration that led to the BBK network’s growth and value offering quickly

[18:32] How to activate and engage volunteers from hiring to team meetings to make sure they connect with the purpose

[26:28] What goes into Leah’s weekly online huddles and why it’s core to what they do

[27:00] Reference to Miro whiteboards for brainstorming and collaborating virtually

[27:53] Reference to Wonder for not so boring conference calls and meetings

[30:27] How we can make a bigger impact faster going digital instead of all in-person

[32:53] How to get over Zoom fatigue and actually build better connections online and through virtual calls

[43:29] Where BBK is going next and what’s coming up

[44:35] Raising kids in a bubble is much like a social media algorithm – BBK Network is on a mission to open that up and give kids diverse experiences and knowledge

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