If content is king why are ads making so much money?

by | Oct 1, 2013 | Blog

The ugly truth of the matter is marketers pay for ads even when they know they are getting increasingly ignored by consumers.


Marketers pay for ads, so people keep creating ads and ways for marketers to pay for them. So the cycle keeps going. It’s not the fact that they’re working that keeps them alive. It’s the fact that they are simply there. These estimated figures show us how many billions of dollars are thrown at social media advertising.

In an age when social media has become the word any marketer spews out of their mouth when they want to sound in the loop, they still don’t use it to it’s full potential. Social media strategy doesn’t mean figuring out which ads to run on social media!! But, when companies like Facebook and Twitter start putting ads and promoted posts and tweet into their business model, it’s no doubt that marketers are going to use them.

Consumers are tired of the clutter and interruptions when they’re busy trying to have conversations and social connections. It would be like walking through the forest with a couple of friends having a conversation about how beautifully the sun is breaking through the trees up ahead casting scattered light on the neatly groomed path. And, all of the sudden a marketer comes running by and chucks a log across the path with spray paint letters on the top that say “Buy My Stuff!”. They simply scowl, throw the log of the path, and keep walking. Although with most ads online they stay there, annoying, and persisting.

Okay maybe social media isn’t quite that majestic to begin with, but think about it. Maybe there’s more you can do with social media than you think.

Be valuable to your consumer not just through your product.

Joel Harrison

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