Leading Nonprofits Through Change & Growth: Josh Myers – Episode 012

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Podcast

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Josh Myers has wisdom that is far beyond his years as a leader in a nonprofit. As the executive director of the BC Centre for Ability, facilitating programs and assistance to people, young and old, with disabilities, he’s already taken the organization through significant transformations.

In this episode we discuss Josh’s journey into becoming an executive director (hint: he worked there for 5 years first!), the organization changes they’ve been making in the past year, building leadership teams, being a leader through the tough times, and so much more.

This episode truly is for all of us in a change-maker and leadership capacity – and Josh shares some very practical ideas on how to perceive your role and humbly come to serve others to get the best out of everyone.

About Josh Myers and the BC Centre for Ability

Josh is the Executive Director at the BC Centre for Ability, a nonprofit based out of Vancouver.

Josh has a wealth of clinical and industry experience that he acquired at Fraser Health Authority as their Director of Patient Experience, and Leader of Clinical Care Priorities, as well as in his previous role at BCCFA as the Program Coordinator for the Brain Injury Program.

He is an Elected Chapter Executive for the Canadian College of Health Leaders and has won several awards over the last year for his focus on patient care.

The BCCFA’s vision is to create inclusive communities where every person thrives at all stages of life. Currently, they offer programs primarily for children and youth with developmental and physical disabilities, families and supporters, and vocational training for adults with disabilities.

Find Josh on LinkedIn

Find Josh on Twitter: @jallenmyers

Find Josh on Instagram: @joshuamyersed

Find BCCFA on their website: https://bc-cfa.org/ 

Find BCCFA on Twitter: @bccfa

Everything We Talked About in This Episode

[02:26] Background of the BC Centre for Ability

[04:20] Awareness & technology are two issues related to increasing support for developmental disabilities

[07:10] Reference to primary care centre in Collingwood, RISE

[07:14] Looking at how we solve a broader social issue together, instead of splicing it out into different things.

[09:15] Reference to podcast episode interviewing The Good Chocolatier and PALS Autism Society

[11:16] Quote: “The idea of ‘what inclusion means’ is very different for most people with disabilities than what the general perception is in society”

[13:17] Reference to leader role model Jenna Murphy – Fraser Health

[13:35] Reference to Brene Brown as a role model in leadership

[14:14] Quote: “You have to have gears to your leadership, you have to be able to put your foot down and be really clear when you need to be, and you have to be able to step back and listen and learn when you need to.”

[20:12] Quote: “Some of the fundamentals you learn and practice as a social worker are the things companies are paying millions of dollars to instill in their staff.”

[20:44] Why taking a break from your work and getting perspective can bring new ideas of innovation

[24:29] How Josh is building leadership teams that fit with goals and organization needs

[26:10] Did you start by looking at the strategic plan, or the team first and use them to build the plan?

[28:55] What type of qualities did you look for in your new team members?

[31:50] Secret to leading organizational change is empathy – Patti Sanchez on HBR

[33:25] Engaging staff and leaders, “how is what we are committing ourselves to linked to what they’ve told us is a priority for them?”

[34:40] Matt Dixon – Purple Patch Podcast Reference (for Triathletes & leaders)

[37:38] How do you show up as a leader? Because when it’s easy and things are going really great, it’s easy to be thoughtful, empathetic, motivating, energetic. When things are really tough, are you throwing tantrums? […] Because you can’t be great 95% of the time when things are great, and then for the 5% of the time when your staff really need you to be great, you’re not.

[43:53] The next plans for the BCCFA, new technology portal & 3D printing

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