Social Impact for the Wrong Reasons

by | Jan 19, 2020 | Blog

Because socially conscious businesses are rising in popularity, more companies are taking on good initiatives. But is it for the right reasons?

Often new initiatives are marketing driven, wanting to follow the trend, but have little to do with changing the culture or purpose of the business.

The reason is to make more money, not to make impact.

I would argue that the reason doesn’t matter.

If you start working out because you want your friends to be jealous of your 6 pack, and you do it, the real benefits still ring true. You’ll be healthier, live longer, less stressed, and more confident. The original reason you started doesn’t affect the power of the outcome.

Let’s assume these businesses are having genuine impact, not just touting their marketing spin and greenwashing. If a business starts making an impact because they thought it would bring more money, and the impact is actually changing people or the environment, the reason doesn’t change the effectiveness.

In addition, over time they may even start seeing bigger possibilities and change their real purpose and culture, and end up looking at the totality of impact instead of one aspect.

Starting the right activity for the wrong reason is still a move forward.

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