The Difference Between Sound and Noise

by | Apr 28, 2024 | Blog, Featured

A sound is simply a movement of energy in the world – just a happening. When we label something a sound, it has no other connotation. However, when we label something a noise, it’s a sound that we’ve decided is undesirable.

It’s amazing how we do this with nearly everything in life. Our language is organized around opinionated labels instead of just objective labels.

What’s our most common greeting? How are you? To which we respond with a judgement of our current situation.

Life is everything, it is simply the happening. We can watch life, flow with life, be life, regardless of the shape and form. We psychologically struggle when we’ve decided that a part of this life is undesirable.

To turn noise into sound, we change the label from negative to neutral. To turn struggle into peace, we can do the same.

We have the ability within us to hear the richness of sound regardless of how it’s organized, or to see the richness of life when it’s perceived without judgement or labels. That is peace.

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