What I Learned Today 004: Power of Simple

by | Jun 30, 2013 | Blog

Simple, Concise, Powerful

Simple: When it comes to communication simple is always better. If there’s a simpler word or phrase that says what you’re trying to say, then use it. Not everyone knows the technical jargon that you do, and not everyone has an expanded vocabulary like yourself. But most can figure out the meaning if it is in common everyday language. This will create clarity for the largest number of people possible. A definite plus when looking for exposure and connection with customers.

Why take a paragraph to say what you can in a sentence? And, why use a sentence when you can use 2 or 3 words? Shorter is easier, shorter is memorable, and it is definitely repeatable. Exactly what you want for your company or brand message, right? Easily spreadable ideas from person to person will grow your business. So shorten your motto, advertisement, or brand message to a quick memorable idea.

Powerful: This is third because it is a byproduct of the other two as well as dependant on your idea chosen. If you are shortening your message it better boil down to something good. It needs to connect with your image and what your selling, and needs to evoke a feeling of strength to your brand. This power should inspire your company and your customers.

The two strongest examples I’ve heard that take to these aspects to heart are Apple’s “Think Differently” campaign, and Nike’s “Just Do It” message. Both use very simple language that even the not so educated could figure out. They are incredible short and sweet. And they both combine a sense or power and emotion that portray both what the company believes as well as what they want their customers to believe about themselves.

Please comment below if you have any suggestions of other company mantras or slogans that have these traits. Or maybe some you think don’t follow this but should.

– Joel

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