What I Learned Today 014: Networking your way to the top

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Blog

Who you know does matter.

Who and what they know does matter.


And this is why and how you should network better.

Imagine yourself in a room with 20 strangers. Everyones laughing, eating little snacks on toothpicks, sipping on some bubbly sugary drink, and you managed to get invited but are sitting in the corner wondering what you’re doing here. Let’s face it the only person you know is the person who organized the event, and he’s too busy talking to all the other people he invited. So what’s so different about you and the organizer? He has a fancier tie and shinier shoes? Maybe. Is he more intelligent? Unlikely. But somehow he set up an event to bring together like minded people that he knew and friends of friends.

Guess what kind of conversations happen in this room.

“How did you hear about this event?”, one lady says loudly over the music and laughter of the people next to her.

“{insert your name} is a friend of mine and said I should come out”

“Oh really? me too!”

Suddenly it’s not such a bad idea to put yourself in the organizer’s shoes. He quickly became the centre of all these conversations, and was able to connect these people around a specific topic. I think some credibility points have just been awarded mister organizer. Even if your knowledge about a topic is far inferior to everyone you invite, the compounding effect of you being the central hub of these newly formed relationships has a profound effect.

So next time you wish you knew someone who could give you a new job, or bring you more clients, have a dinner party. Connect your small network, to start building your credibility and value amongst the network; which will expand in no time if you do this.

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