Imagine a world where the majority of organizations stand for people and planet first.

If leaders like you can rally more people on your path to success, we can make intense change happen. Do you have what it takes?

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Marketing consulting to help you make change, relationships, and money.

Money is important. It’s energy. It’s resources. But our world has tipped too far and stopped focusing on impact.

We need purpose-driven organizations like yours to take over and drive our society.

But when your head is down in the day-to-day, it’s hard to see the big picture and create marketing strategies that spread your story. 


Do you struggle to get your message heard online?


Are you lost when it comes to creating content and email marketing?


Do you lack a clear vision and path for the future?


Does your marketing feel all-over the place?

Hi, I’m Joel.

I was raised in the dirt. My toys were bikes, shovels, and trees. My memories were outside, camping, and attentively watching my dad dip his hand in the water outside the canoe to pick up an empty Budweiser that a careless human left behind. Right from the start, family, people, and planet were priorities.

I spent years exploring opportunities, following my passion for music and media, leading worship music at church, studying music marketing, and working in marketing management.

Just like you, I’ve always had that mission for the world in my mind, but have now been able to combine it with my gifts. Through marketing consulting, content creation, and community building, my mission is to help leaders like you grow your awareness, make or raise money, and rally people together to change our world.

Connect and Grow.

Marketing Agency

Through my agency, Methodic Content, I provide nonprofits and social enterprises with training and creative services to elevate their marketing.


The Creative Nonprofit podcast is where I get to discuss and speak to people in the thick of it, creating communications for their organization.

Vancouver Meetups

The Good Work society is a group of service professionals dedicated to working with social enterprises, B Corps, and nonprofits. This is where we connect and learn.

Thoughts and Discoveries.

Stop Pushing & Relax Into Success

A realization gave me the chills today. It's not a change in method. It's not even a change in tactic. It's a change in mindset that will have you relaxing into success, instead of pushing with all of your effort and torturing yourself. But first, let's add some...

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No Problem? No Problem.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to endure the torture along with the excitement.  If you’re not the type of person to take on a problem, if you’re not a visionary, or it is just too much of a risk for you - there is NO shame in...

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