Imagine a world where the majority of organizations stand for people and planet over profit.

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Hi, I’m Joel.

I was raised in the dirt. I’m not a hippie, but my toys were bikes, shovels, and trees. My memories were outside, camping, and attentively watching my dad dip his hand in the water outside the canoe to pick up an empty Budweiser that a careless human left behind. Right from the start, family, people, and planet were priorities, but I lost a bit of that.

I spent years exploring less inspired career opportunities, warehousing, music, electrical construction, and then marketing finally led me fulfilling my creativity, to the world of business, where I began to see the spark of something amazing.

The movement of socially and environmentally conscious businesses is growing. Consumers are demanding it, and it’s not only a good moral decision, it’s a good business decision. But it will take a lot of work to get to the tipping point. The point where the majority of businesses stand for people and planet over profit. With this, we can finally make more progress than damage.

This is the future if we choose to make it happen. We can live epic, awesome lives, while also contributing to improving our world every day.


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The Change Maker’s Dilemma

How can we dedicate our lives to a specific mission while also keeping an open mind? I don't think we can. As human beings, we don't want to pursue a lifelong mission unless we're convinced its 100% the best thing we can do for the world. So, to be 100% convinced, we...

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Finally Interested in Creating Digital Content?

Remember that blog you started 10 years ago and only posted on twice? Or that "future plan" to start a podcast? It's interesting how so many ears have perked up in the last few weeks about this online world. Not just marketing, but of doing business digitally. We...

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