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Hi, I’m Joel.

I imagine a world where the majority of organizations stand for people and planet over profit.

I was raised in the dirt. I’m not a hippie, but my toys were bikes, shovels, and trees. My memories were outside, camping, and attentively watching my dad dip his hand in the water outside the canoe to pick up an empty Budweiser that a careless human left behind.

Although, I spent many years exploring hobbies, music and less inspired careers, until I realized I had missed something obvious. There was an opportunity right in front of me to use the marketing and business skills I developed to make positive change happen.

I became obsessed with the movement of socially and environmentally conscious businesses. I then founded Methodic Content, an impact marketing agency, started my own social impact podcast, and later launched ElevateHub.ca in 2020, a local media company for social impact.

But it will take a lot of work to get to the tipping point I dream of. The point where the majority of businesses stand for people and planet over profit. If you’re involved in this same movement, I would love to connect and collaborate!

Latest Articles.

We Weren’t Designed for This Much Empathy

We Weren’t Designed for This Much Empathy

What is one of the most common past-times of the last 20 years? Checking social media. Or consuming media in general. How much? Many hours a day. What do we so often come across in the media? Tragedy, conflict, and danger. When we’re faced with this type of content...

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Wall of Gratitude.

I’m always amazed at the generosity of the people and organizations that have helped me along the way. I appreciate your contributions in advising, being a friend, being on the podcast, or as a valued client. I wish I could list more here.

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