Specialists and Generalists

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Leadership, Personal Development, Work

I used to think I was scattered and inconsistent. That I was less worthy because I have tried many things and didn’t hyper-specialize in one thing.

But now I know that’s bullsh*t.

The world needs specialists, and it needs generalists – here’s why.

The problems we face today are complex and there is no way you can know everything required to come up with adequate solutions.

A specialist will bring the details on a subject, be critical, know how their domain functions and be able to implement within it. A generalist will bring a systems approach and be able to see how the specialties fit together. They bring fresh, creative perspectives from diverse areas and help align them to a goal.

The beauty is when these two types of people work in harmony.

So if you’re a generalist, you love learning and diving outside of your domain, and your path has seemingly meandered – stand up and own your value! We all have a role to play, and it’s the diversity of all that makes the world beautiful.

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