What I Learned Today 003: Platform Specific Experts

by | Jun 29, 2013 | Entrepreneurship

Is it mere coincidence that the sun goes down when we need to sleep? Doubt it. Is it also a coincidence that the so called “experts” on a topic generally use the tool they are an expert on to connect with their audience/customer? No, It just makes sense I guess.

Let’s clear up what I’m trying to say a little bit. This is probably more of a reality in the online world more than anything. But lets take Facebook as an example. If your product is a seminar teaching marketers how to use social media. What do you think the best place to contact those marketers are to make a sale? Their office phone? Unlikely. The bar? Actually that’s probably a little more likely because most older generation marketers are out to lunch when it comes to social media. But in reality the answer is just plainly Facebook. They’ve mostly likely started using it on their own, but struggle, and you swoop in to save the day.

I’ve come across this time after time and it seems it really works. YouTube experts make YouTube videos teaching people how to use YouTube for things. Bloggers who blog about blogging tips is another big one. The ones who are searching for knowledge of a new platform are probably already using the one they’re looking for. So that might be the best place to contact them.

This just shows the importance of knowing where your target customers or clients are going to be spending their time. Meet them where they are instead of making a place for them to come and find you. It seems simple, but I think a lot of people overlook this and think “if you build it they will come”. Not true. If you build it away from where they currently are it will sit there gaining nothing unless you are trying to sell spiders rent space for their cobwebs.

– Joel

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